PMAFA Private Training with a Black Belt

Private trainings are 30 min. sessions equal to 2 class credits. A min. of 27 class credits are needed to be eligible for testing. PT's are Monday through Saturday with available times below. In the case the preferred Black Belt Holder (U Dan Ja Nim) is not available, an alternate will be chosen for you. It is on a first come first serve basis. If you can not make the training, you will need to return to this form and update your selection at least 3 hours prior to the class. If you sign up for training and miss your time, you will be obligated to pay the minimum fee to the Black Belt for his or her time wasted. Private classes are scheduled by the week and not in advance of one week. Tip Minimums: Dan = Black Belt Holder, the number preceeding Dan is the Degree. 1 st Dans and Black Belt Candidates = $15.00, 2nd Dans = $20, 3rd Dans = $25 (+$10 private for a Black Belt). 4th Dan = $35(+$10 private for Black Belts), 6th Dan = $50(+$10 private for Black Belts). Good luck on your test.

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U DAN JA NIMS (Black Belts)